Sunday, May 1, 2011

there's no way around it

so, we're not talking for now. it was my idea. because for the past few weeks i haven't been talking to you, i've been trying to, with little success. and i'm sorry, but, i can't take care of anyone anymore. not like i used to. if you've got something you need to figure it out, then go figure it out. i cannot be your coach or your therapist. i can be your friend, i can be your confidant. i can be the person you want to talk to. but i can't be your savior. can't happen. i hope you'll want to talk again. i hope that maybe you'll remember that i'm here as a friend first. and that's all that i was asking of you..

spring is finally here, and so is the countdown to leaving school and arriving back to the place that i left, and spending the summer working (somewhere), going to summer school, and living with my sister. this is the last summer we are ever going to have together, so it needs to be memorable. yoga, beach, and lots of adventures with one of my best friends.

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