Monday, May 30, 2011

let me break on down, but i can't stop now..

dumbest move of my the year: kissing grant. we hung out for a month winter term, he got scared and split. last night was the first time we've hung out since then, and i kissed him. dumb. dumb. i don't have any feelings for him whatsoever anymore, and when i got home i was honestly just sad. sad that i did that when i knew fully well all the things that i do. i'm a dumb dumb. especially since all it did was make me miss that other kid more. 

i'm compartmentalizing. everything that doesn't make sense at the present moment (whether or not i want to drop, why i kissed grant, how i feel about the other kid) all are being put on hold. shoving a nice lil pin in them all. i have finals to worry about. i can't sit here and analyze and feel bad and wish that someone would call me or hope that someone else will never talk to me again. finals. finals. finals.  getting done with finals over with= going home. home. home. 

little tidbit for the day: you can either be the best, or worst roommate you've ever had. choose wisely. learn to live with yourself, and others will gravitate towards you. 

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