Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ohh oregon

it's official, Oregon really does have the absolute best springs. granted there are still those days of rain that just makes your day so inconvenient, but honestly, nothing gets better than 70 degrees and sunny, with a light cool breeze. if i could live in that kind of climate all year round, i would without a second thought. just give me a blanket and a good book, and i am in my own little paradise. i will never take the sun for granted ever again. who would have thought that kids from SoCal would be tanning in 70 degree weather? back home, we would have been putting on sweatshirts, muttering that was too cold. it's days like these that just remind me why i love it here so much. wildflowers blooming everywhere, huge, green trees, songbirds on nearly every branch, and you are bound to hear someone playing guitar in the background. up here, once the sun comes out, everyone is in just such a good mood. grateful for evidence that solar heat does exist. 

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