Saturday, June 11, 2011

yes, i actually have a fairytale

i take pride in knowing i'm different, that i am willing to hold guys up to some more reasonable standards, and that i am certainly looking for friendship before anything else. however, i am guilty of having a hope, a daydream. most people dream of the kiss in the rain or the date on the beach. i, however, have something very different in mind. 

i want to be found. 

if there were ever to be a day when someone who i thought was long gone showed up on my doorstep, or just in the middle of my day, completely unannounced and came to get me, i would be theirs, no questions asked. there have been so many times that i have been guilty of running away, of shutting myself off from the people and boys that care about me, practically making them think that i myself do not care, and begin the downward spiral. if there were ever to be someone who cared enough to fight for me, to not listen to me, to know what i really needed, and fought for me, rather than me fighting just for them day in and day out. that is my Disney movie. show up, smile, and just take me in your arms and keep me. i have fought for many people in the past (and very recently), and sometimes i wonder if someone, anyone, would ever have the courage, the balls, to be wiling to fight for me. 

i know very few pay any attention to what is said here, but hey, like i said, this is a message in a bottle.

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