Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, 

Well, today is Father's Day. So it's your day, as you have been a father for the past 21 years. And I cannot really think of too many ways to say that I love you. So very much. You not only have been a caring father to me, who has always been there to kiss my scraped up knees and run around with me all day everyday. But you have somehow managed to work 15 hour days, stay in admirable physical condition so that you are beating 20 year-olds in bike races, be a good and loving husband, and on top of all this, be around more than most any other fathers I have ever even heard of for Riley and I. I can't think of any important day or occasion that you were not present at. Nor many swim meets, soccer tournaments, piano recitals, dance recitals, tennis matches, or even plays that you were not right there in the crowd, beaming at your daughters. Again, you were not only present for the entire lives of your family members, but you  worked hard every single day so that we had a real relationship with you, so much that I still enjoy camping with you every single year, and love hanging out with you. I always joke that our family is split into two teams. Mom and Riley are very much alike, while you and I are very similar in personality and interests. To this day I love discussing anything and everything with you, we can have fun anywhere, and anytime. We can communicate without uttering a word, and we understand the mindset of the other. I love you so much Dad. There is not a soul in your life who would dare say that you are not and Amazing Man. 


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