Friday, June 3, 2011

i can't argue, it's quite refreshing

there are just some things that we tend to forget how nice they actually are, how nice they can be. we take warm sunny days for granted, we don't realize how lucky we are to have food in our bellies, and a warm bed to sleep in. and yeah, sometimes we forget how nice it is to have some company every once in while. i don't mean friend-company. i mean the company of someone else. someone you can just enjoy with. i've never successfully had such a thing happen to me. but i think i finally might be. we like one another, we enjoy each other's company a lot, but we don't want a relationship. mostly because the only person that i would even consider a relationship with is a thousand miles away, so that won't work either. no one wants the label of a "relationship", so we just, enjoy. and it's rather nice. don't feel like you have to talk every day all day. you can go for a week without speaking and just pick up the phone and call them up, catch up, and hang out. it's quite lovely i'm not gonna lie. because i'm free to go meet new people and hang out with whoever i want whenever i want, but then i can go be with someone i trust and have fun with, no awkwardness, no drama. just, nice. college is a great thing :) 

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