Sunday, September 4, 2011

when you look at it for what it is..

a car is just a metal box with wheels to get you from place to place

a house is just a box to keep you out of the rain and cold

clothes are just to keep you warm

a body, is just a body. a vessel for who you are. (who are you? not what are you. no titles. who are you)
a body can be tall, short, wide, slight, stocky, spindly. you are not your body. just as i am not my body. you are not fat. and neither am i. oh you are fat? so that's all you are? just a pile of fat? what about your bones, are those fat? what about your hair? is that fat? or your smile or your eyes or your hugs. it is impossible to be fat. unless you are literally a tub of lard sitting in a kitchen at the local greasy spoon. pretty sure you're not, as tubs of lard can't read.. 

a body is just a body, it has almost nothing to do with who You are. except about how you decide to take care of your vessel. some may work very hard to take care of their bodies so that they can seem more attractive. you trying to hide behind your muscles? others, take care of their bodies so that they can live longer, and without pain or disease so that they can pursue the other aspects of life. i agree with the latter. 

if you're healthy, and take care of your vessel, your temple. no matter what that means for YOU personally. people will be attracted to your confidence and your lack of obsessing over every fad diet or that little pooch of a belly that i'm sorry girls, most of us need so we can have the babies. you're a hundred times more beautiful when you know you are, and don't look to others for that feeling. 

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