Sunday, July 31, 2011

LA RISING: Day after

That festival was the best concert i have ever been to in my life. 

1. Immortal Technique
SUCH talent. i love underground rap, and he has such an amazing message 

2. Laryn Hill
her sound was off so she sounded like shit, went and got beer

3. Rise Against
i love them, love them, love them. they are one of those bands that really don't need a recording studio, such great performers, all of us just screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs and jumping and fist pumping. 

4. Muse
i almost wanted to cry. they are awe-inspiring performers. for an hour and half, just knowing every single song by heart, i love muse. so so much. 

and if all those weren't enough, as if we weren't already in shock and bliss, just blown away, now we had....

i watched tom morello solo multiple times, and it was awesome. mosh pits, fires, headbanging like there was no tomorrow. 2 hours of Rage. oh, and they lit the torch in the coliseum for them, no big deal.

i love life

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