Sunday, July 31, 2011

endless love

love can be hard to do sometimes
forgiveness can hurt
reaching out may bring tears to your eyes
giving endless chances may feel you empty and used

but i would rather hurt, trying to make right and doing the right thing, rather than leaving so many things unsaid, and the thought of someone painful. 

we must be open to all forms of other people's mistakes
we must be willing to love any and all who have hurt us
you can love, and not be sucked into their negativity
but never leave things on your chest
get it out there
let them know
so you can love them again, even if it is just as someone who doesn't know you, you can still love them

we are not the scars that other people have left upon us
we are not the lack of trust that they instilled
you are not the pain you feel whenever their name comes up
you are not this nagging thought that it was your fault, and that are bad people
you are not these things

we are love
we love
we are the consciousness that is observing all these things, even the things that hurt us
we are boundless love
love the criminal, love the beast, love the lover, the child, the mother, the brother
we have the capability to love all the world, we just have to wake up, and open up

if you give someone a chance without calling it a "chance" and just call it love, you are no longer the victim, you are the lover. 
it only hurts when you expect something in return, because you feel that you are missing something
what if you are already complete?
what if we all just truly believed that we could love endlessly, and never grow tired of it.

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